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A WALK AROUND THE BLOCK (another baby step!)

Creating a book involves dozens of steps: Writing and rewriting (and rewriting), editing and re-editting, designing and redesigning and slowly, gradually, laboriously a book is borne.

What I hold here is an Advance Reader Copy, which is sent out to magazines, newspapers, bookstores and others to show them what the book is all about (and hopefully talk it up)! There will still be changes but it's 98% complete. "Real" copies will be available mid-October, and can be pre-ordered through your favorite neighborhood or on-line bookstore. .

Spike's Projects


A unique project made from 4 (almost) identical boards

LEOPOLD BENCH: 6 boards, 60 minutes, 1 comfortable bench

This is one of the simplest furniture projects you'll ever find. All you need are a drill, circular saw (or jigsaw) a few boards and a handful of exterior screws. If you have doubts about your wherewithal, see page 4. Great for the garden or anywhere in the great outdoors.