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I'm wrapping up research for my next book (Harper One) that will hit the shelves fall of 2020. The title (at least for now) is A WALK AROUND THE BLOCK: Squirrels, Sewers, Stoplights & Other Stuff You See Every Day (but know nothing about)

Sometimes you just gotta get hands on (and teeth on) when doing research. You can read the full article here

Spike's Projects

THE "THING" — It's SPRING! Time to rock & roll

The THING is for spring. Kids can rock on it, climb over it, play under it and let their imaginations soar. Complete instructions right here, right now. 

"Houdini" levitating wine bottle holder

This may perhaps be the simplest gift project of all time. You need 1 x 6 x 12" board, drill, jigsaw and about 1/2 hour of time (maybe a little more on your first one.) Instead of giving just a bottle of wine, give a magical bottle!